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šŸŒŠ Preface

Hi there, I'm Scott Sunarto ( šŸ‘‹

Iā€™m the founder of Argus Labs - an experimental crypto gaming company. Before all of this, I was a a Blockchain Security Engineer at Trail of Bits, Software Engineer Intern at Uniswap Labs, and co-created Dark Forest.

Recently, there's a surge in interest of people looking to "break" into web3/crypto; this naturally leads to a lot of people asking for tips on how to get started. This Notion doc aims to do exactly just that. I want it to be a document that cool peops can send to their friends to help them find their place in crypto.

This document is highly inspired by Paige Doherty's "Tech & VC: The Foundation", which I recommend checking out as well for more "meta" tech related tips!

Tech & VC: The Foundation

[obligatory self promotion šŸ˜‚***]***

Argus Labs Jobs

Using This Notion

This Notion serves more as a "handbook" rather than an essay. Feel free to jump around using the content list on the top of the page and read it in sections. You can bookmark it for future reading (see guide below if you don't know how to)

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šŸŖ The Meta Stuff

"The dicussion of 'why' and 'why not' of a crypto career"